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Auroville Earth Institute


To research, develop, promote and transfer earth-based technologies which are cost and energy effective and to give people the possibility to create and build for themselves their own habitat using earth techniques.


The Institute disseminates  these technologies through training courses, seminars, workshops, manuals and documents. It is also offering various services, and provides consultancy within and outside India.


The training course activities and the endeavour to promote raw earth as a building material for sustainable and cost effective development. The Auroville Earth Institute plans to develop its activities in the future and and are considering offering a one-year curriculum to students of various levels which would be granted with these diplomas:
  • Post diploma "Specialisation in earth architecture" to architects and engineers
  • Diploma "Bare foot earth architect" to educated people, for setting up entrepreneurships 
  • Diploma "Master mason earth builder" to uneducated people 

This syllabus will be organised in the following years, the time for  the Auroville Earth Institute to be reorganised and developed.

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Phone: +91 413 262 3330

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